Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of hiring a professional?

Proper equipment and skills are essential to be effective and creative.  As professionals, we have experience with groups and individuals and would properly pose them, and make the right decisions for camera lighting. 

What about having a friend or relative be the photographer?

 We advise against imposing on friends and relatives to do the official photography.  Amateur coverage usually fails due to inadequate flash for large rooms and high ceilings.  It is unfortunate when a couple limited in budget get poor results.  

How much does wedding or quinceanera photography cost?

 Every wedding is unique, therefore pricing is difficult to quote over the phone or email.  Cost is important for any event but you should try not to let it be a deciding factor. Your dress, venue, cake and decorations only last for one day. However, your memories will last a lifetime and you should trust a photographer that can provide that for you. Our packages do start at $895 and video at $595. We do offer payment plans and would be glad to discuss all the options you have with a free consultation. 

Is it reasonable that photographers ask that no one else take photos during the formal photography?

 Yes. Some locations only give a specific amount of time to take pictures after the ceremony.  If the photographer is trying to work quickly through a series of formal pictures, a guest with a camera might slow the process.  Another problem arises when there are several cameras aimed at a group; the subjects will be looking at different lenses.  The diverted attention will ruin the professional pictures that you are paying for.  At the reception, guest are usually free to snap away.  

What are other questions I should ask the photographer?

 Once you have established that the photographer is available, you will want to ask, “If we select your studio, will you be the photographer covering our wedding?”  Some studios have several photographers.  The sample albums may have been done by photographers who do not work for the studio anymore.  Get a commitment in writing of who the photographer will be, and ask to speak with the photographer. 

What should we look for in the photographer and when should we look?

 Look for an established and reliable photographer whose work & style moves you.  He must be courteous and a team player with others involved in the event, such as your videographer, and family members who assist you.  

 You should book a photographer as soon as your date has been set.  Unfortunately, there are only 52 weekends each year and availability becomes an issue.